What is Gating? Edit


Gating is the new feature on Pet Alliance that allow us to travel in Vortex where we can find treasures and fight our way to the Stage Boss. The higher the stage is, more better rewards awaiting.

Where is Gating located? Edit

Gating located in Training Ground "ex" place.

My Gating is locked! How do I unlock it? Edit

You can unlock your Gating by defeating Normal Fignar in Sunwell. After defeating Normal Fignar, you will gain access to Gating.

How to play Gating? Edit

To play Gating, first go to Gating, then choose Gating Exploration. Click Go. Here, a 5x5 square will be your "Map" to explore. The blue vortex is your starting point, while red vortex is the Boss Area. While you moving on those spaces, you can have 3 possible encounters:

  1. Monster
  2. Treasure Chest
  3. Nothing at all (Free Space)

You can also check what is current Boss' Lv, Skill and his follower from "Check the Boss". Boss' Level is +5 Lv from the stage you're currently in. (Which mean, if you had a fight with Lv 25 monster from your stage, then the Boss will be at Lv 30). After you defeated the Boss, you can claim your Treasures, and go to next stage. In next stage, the monster will get stronger, and you may get better reward for it. You can go to for your reference.

Additional Notes for Gating Edit

  • You need at least Lv 40 Equipment that add all stats to your Pet (and be sure your Equipment element is matching with your Pets element, so your Pet will gain that additional stats).
  • You need at least Lv 35 pets, unless you have high leveled Equipment to support your pets.
  • It's really IMPORTANT to try explore all spaces before challenge the Boss to claim all Treasures. (You also need same amount of slot in your Bag to claim it all. For example: You found 12 Treasures and you have beaten the Boss, to claim it, you NEED 12 slots in your Bag in the order to claim it. If you have less slots, then you can't claim it).
  • When you leave Gating, your progress in Gating will be saved, so you can continue later (Be WARNED, though. Gating will reset at 09:00 GMT +8 and all treasures you haven't claimed, will be lost).
  • The Revive chances is depend on player's VIP level.

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