Welcome to world of Pet Alliance! Here, you will start your grand adventure on Miracon World! Let's get started.

First of all, Pet Alliance's concept is like Pokemon, so if you ever played Pokemon games, you can understand the battle system. You can bring up to 6 pets (3 in Main Team and 3 in Reserve Team), but only your pets at Main Team will fight. Also, the Reserve Team act like EXP Share in Pokemon. The Starter pet's type also same like Pokemon's starter: Grass, Fire, and Water.

How to Play:

To play Pet Alliance, you can login by using Facebook, or using ID and Password. After logging in, you need to choose which Server you want to play. There are currently 23 Servers in Pet Alliance. After choosing your Server, you will be directed to create your player. You can pick any name you like (max 10 characters length) and your player's Avatar.


After you finished creating your player, you will immediately directed to a battle where Seth, the Legendary Trainer of Miracon face to face with Sandra. This battle is actually to show you how the battle system works. The battle ended with Seth's victory and you can choose your starter pet. There are: Pinsis, Fabby, and Onias. Pinsis is Water type Crab pet that has High Attack, but low defense. Fabby is Fire type Fox pet that has high Magic, but low defense. Onias is Grass type Onion pet (yes, an onion. A big onion one...) that has high Magic, but low Resist. Onias is pretty weak at early Level, but easy to level up. After you choosing your Starter, you will get your Starter's Egg. Now, you will get directed to Miracon Town. Here, you will taught around the Town and Menu. After that, you need go to Pet Center to hatch your Egg. In Pet Center, go to Hatching Room. Hatching Room has 3 slots, so you can hatch 3 pets at once. You will see your Eggs on left, then Drag & Drop your egg to Hatching slot. To hatch pet, you need protein called Nutrient. Don't worry, this one is free! So, hatch it anyway. Here, a mini-game will start. Have ever played Memorial games? Here, you need to remember where is the card of your pet. This game is so easy, the key just look at the your pet card, and follow if your pet card is moving. After 5 times swaping around, click one of the pet card. If you choose your pet card, Success! Your egg is hatched and can be claimed, if not, the egg won't hatched and you need to replay it again. By doing this, you can skip 1 day ahead, which mean, Eggs that required 1 day to hatch can be claimed on that day! For Eggs that required more than 1 day to hatched, you will play this Mini-game until you can claim it. After hatched, you can name your pet. Click I See to confirm, and you will brought to Moloo Land, and had your first battle. You will against Lv 1 Milchick. Here, the battle system you saw earlier in tutorial, will works. You will get explanation and your pet skill have % to activate. After the battle finish, you will back to Town and you will meet Aunt Miley. She's the one who keep tracking your quest. You will get a package which contain 50k Gold, 3 AP Potion (S), 30 Tarot Cards, and 15 Junior Nutrient. You will be told to defeat Woroom in Moloo Land. Go to Moloo Land and defeat Woroom and you will get Tarot Card. You will go to Dr.Bomb and he will bring you to Store and Gashaponing to get new pet egg. After that, hatch your second pet egg and clear Moloo Land. After clearing Moloo Land, you can have access to Heroic Mode of Moloo Land. Heroic Mode provides a lot of EXP and you can get 1 Tarot Card upon clearing one level. Heroic Mode can be done once a day unless you use Crystal to refresh it. If you already have 4 Pets, I suggest to unlock your first Reserve slot.

Now you have pass the Tutorial, it's your choice now to go adventure, or do some Leveling first then tackle next dungeon.

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